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Continuous, Daily Discomfort Circumcised Men Experience

1 - From the SCAR

There is a circumcision scar on every circumcised penis. This scar is very sensitive to touch. If you are a circumcised male you can touch the skin behind the scar and then the scar itself and compare. You will notice a striking difference. The scar feels very 'zingy' to the touch as opposed to the area behind it.


This is because the scar is actually the inner sexually sensitive foreskin that has been externalised. The skin behind the scar (epidermal skin) feels normal to the touch of your hand or the fabric of your underwear, just like the skin on your arm - but not the scar tissue. You can bring a piece of fabric in contact with the scar tissue and see for yourself how it is. On an intact penis, the inner foreskin is completely concealed on the underside of the foreskin, hidden away. The only time it is visible is when it becomes erect, this is necessary in order to receive pleasure. On a circumcised penis, the scar hits the fabric of the underwear continuously. This causes non-stop daily discomfort.

2 - From the GLANS

In addition, the exposed glans is also meant to be internal and is super-sensitive, and is not meant to touch fabric. Abrasion of the glans and scar tissue causes discomfort throughout the day for circumcised boys and men. You can also test and see just how almost 'painful' it is when you rub a piece of fabric on your glans.

On an intact penis however, the entire penis is covered in the comfortable tissue that you felt behind the scar. This type of skin allows you to be in total comfort in your daily life. The entire penis is covered in skin that feels normal in your underwear:

As you get on with your day to day tasks, all your sexual tissues would remain hidden inside. This is significantly better than having sexual tissues constantly exposed and rubbing against fabric.

When this intact penis becomes erect, the foreskin rolls back on its self and reveals the sensitive inner-foreskin on the outer side, as well as the glans. Only when erect should the penis look like this - not all the time like a circumcised penis. This is the time when the penis is not likely to encounter fabric. In the erect state, the penis is expecting interaction with vaginal walls, the environment of which is designed to be compatible with the aroused penis.


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