The Frenulum

























The frenulum (4) is designed so that it gently pulls the foreskin back over the sensitive glans.













During sex, the foreskin pulls back to expose the glans (3) in order to derive and give pleasure. The intact glans is sensitive, supple and lubricated with a shiny appearance, it is maintained so by the foreskin and is ideal for the vagina. This compares with the dry, constantly exposed and abraded circumcised one with a cracked appearance. The inside of the foreskin (5) consists of a special mucosa layer like the inside of the eyelid. It protects the sensitive glans much like the eyelids protect the eyeballs, until it is needed and safe for the glans to be exposed (that is during love-making, when it interacts with the walls and entrances of the vagina).












The intact penis's moist and supple glans is comfortable for the vagina to receive compared to a circumcised one.






















The Frenulum Proves that Allah intended men to be intact. 












Once circumcised, the frenulum becomes redundant, since there is no foreskin to pull over the glans. It therefore has no job to do. But Allah placed the frenulum there intending there to be a foreskin to protect the glans! Another function of the frenulum is to limit the movement of the movable foreskin of the intact penis in the backward and forward movements during intercourse. This is also made redundant.











Then why did Allah place the frenulum in the DNA? Baby boys continue to be born with it.











Had Allah wished circumcision on males, there would be no penile frenulum. Therefore, the frenulum that comes with every male baby born into this world is a miraculous sign that Allah intended the male penis to stay intact through out its life.









"And how many signs in the heavens and the earth do they pass by?

Yet they turn away from them!" (Qur'an 12:105)



'Frenulums' are also found underneath the human tongue and on the inside of the lips. However the penile frenulum is additionally sexually sensitive to touch. In a circumcision, the penile frenulum may also be removed depending on the mood of the circumciser.



































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