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Male Reproductive Organ as Allah Intended it

Natural Penis

The Prepuce (foreskin) protects the highly sensitive internal glans from abrasion and becoming desensitised through abrasion of clothing. The foreskin also contains thousands of nerve endings for sexual pleasure. For the female during sex, the gliding action of the foreskin with the vaginal wall and entrance produces exquisite sexual pleasure for her, as well as pleasure for him ( see here ). Circumcision destroys all these.

This is the flaccid state (un-aroused) with the glans covered (foreskin retracts automatically revealing the glans during love-making). The foreskin returns over the glans (as seen here) to protect it once the job of the glans to receive and give pleasure with the vaginal wall is complete - ensuring it is kept protected in the state suitable for the environment of the vagina. The 'frenulum' of the penis does this job of pulling back the foreskin over the glans (frenulum not visible in this diagram). The frenulum is a striking proof of Allah, that adult males were designed to be intact just as Allah made them when they were born ( see here ).

"And He designed you, and has perfected your design. " (Qur'an 40:64)


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